General Health & Well-being

Inc​reases oxygen flow

Strengthens the immune system

Allows magnesium to be absorbed through the skin entering directly into the bloodstream

Heightens production of endorphins/serotonin
Decreases the production of cortisol and adrenaline

Improves sleep

Eliminates fatigue and jet lag
Alleviates stress (mental and physical)

May decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease by circulation

May alleviate problematic respiratory symptoms
Facilitates freedom from habits, phobias and addictions

Physical Benefits

Soothes inflammation of joints, back pain, neck stiffness, sprains

Reduces the pain associated with various spinal problems

Increases performance and fitness and boosts energy levels

Loosens stiff muscles and joints

Assists in flushing toxins from the body

Helps facilitate healing of sore muscles and sports related injuries

Aids in the removal of lactic acid​​​

With the effects and stresses of gravity and sensory overload lessened, the body is able to more efficiently allocate its resources towards mental and physical maintenance and accelerated healing. This all-natural healing environment is ideal for those with injuries, chronic pain, stress induced illness, and more.

Float Therapy Benefits

During a float, you produce slower brain wave patterns known as theta waves, which are normally experienced only during a deep meditation or just before falling asleep or awakening.

Adequate levels of magnesium are correlated with lower incidences of coronary heart disease, lower blood pressure, better quality of sleep, cholesterol improvement and lower stress levels.

The parasympathetic response is the body's natural mechanism for healing and regeneration. It can only occur during deep relaxation. Floating is the fastest, easiest and most effective way of eliciting this response and enjoying its dramatic health benefits. Floating "re-sets" the body's chemical and metabolic balance, strengthening its resistance to the effects of stress, illness or injury.

Mental Benefits​
Improves creativity, concentration, and problem-solving ability
Aids in experiencing a deeper, more restful sleep at night
Lessens the effects of chronic fatigue
Creates chemical and metabolic balance
Reduces symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety and migraines
Enables a deeper meditative state