I'm still "floating" from yesterday ( : I was lying in bed trying to go back to sleep around 4am and felt like I was able to find the same peace as when I was in the studio. Loving this and can't wait for my next float. Will schedule online later today... and I LOVE my new glass straw and water bottle! Thank you. Tara K., CO

"WOW! What a place! I've been floating over 20 years, been to over 30 facilities across the country and this is by far, the cleanest, nicest and most user friendly facility that I have ever been too. Staff is friendly and professional. Top notch equipment, great environmentally friendly products and most of all, a truly relaxing and reinvigorating experience!" Marty S., NJ

What our clients are saying...

This place is awesome!! The staff is wonderful and very calm. The atmosphere is perfect to get you into the float mind set. I'd float here every day if I could! I definitely recommend VIVE!! Julia L., CO

This was one of the best things I've ever done. The studio is so beautiful and inviting. Andi (the owner) is amazing she makes you feel so welcome. I highly recommend this experience.  Ellen W., CO

The floating experience is the most therapeutic relaxation I've found. The calm mind it gives me lasted for a couple of days. I now can't wait to float and get to that ultra relaxed state. Renee R., CO

What a wonderful experience! I will definitely return... And more than once! Beautifully decorated with so many lovely touches throughout, you must give it a try. Kristin  K., CO