How to Prepare

​​​Pre-Float Insight

Get your mind and body ready. A little preparation goes a long way on the day of your float — here are a few pointers to help you get the most from your float:

  • Avoid consuming caffeine – you want to float in a peaceful, calm, and relaxed state of mind.

  • Eat a light meal a few hours before floating – you don’t want to be overly full with food in your stomach, nor do you want to have hunger causing a distraction. A light meal a few hours ahead of time will put you in the sweet spot!

  • Avoid shaving before your appointment – freshly shaven skin can become irritated by the Epsom salt for some people. It is best to avoid shaving the day of your appointment.

  • Give yourself plenty of time before and after your float – come early/stay later and relax in The Quiet Center for some complimentary tea, stress-less coloring, reading - or you could just do 'nothing'.

  • If you decide to join us before or after your float, The Ready Room is at your disposal. We provide lockers for your clothing/personal belongings, blow dryers, and basic personal care products. We do ask that you bring your own hair brush and personal care products of your choice.  

Post Float Insight

  • After floating, remember to stay and enjoy The Quiet Center while sipping on our signature 'relaxation' tea for a post-float time of reflection or recovery.

  • The Ready Room is at your disposal to leisurely pace your return back to life.

  • When the time has come for you to depart, you may resume your daily activities, but we recommend you take some time to relax and enjoy the post-float feeling for at least a short time before diving back into the pull of life.

  • Make sure to book your next appointment.