Our Float Rooms are 4.5 feet wide by 8 feet long, creating a very open environment. While tanks, pods and rooms offer the same 'gravity-free' experience, it is often said that the sensory-free aspect can vary between the three. What we focused on in selecting our float rooms was the ability to  obtain a 'near' perfect sensory-free environment. Our rooms allow us to control the water and air temperature within a degree therefore creating a void of touch. Light, smell and noise are kept at a bare minimum creating a near perfect sensory-free experience. Of course not all are ready for a complete sensory-free environment so the light and music are controlled by you should you choose. It is our hope that eventually you will be able to go sensory-free.

What are the benefits of float rooms? There are added benefits to a float room. Float rooms are significantly larger than a pod, and they are large enough to stand up and walk in and out. The opening door allows easy entry into the room, especially for those with reduced mobility or muscle soreness. An advanced heating system allows us to control the air and water temperature precisely and reduces humidity and condensation. 

Float Rooms