​​Of equal value is the cleanliness of our studio and the water we rest in. Our team has thought through and trained in the areas that provide the sanitation we desire for ourselves. You can calmly rest in the cleanliness of our water.

While our studio is somewhat easy to clean, our efforts were focused on the water inside the float rooms. We began with filtered water, the highest quality Epsom salt (San Francisco Salt Company) and the most efficient filtration system in the float industry.

In a nut shell:  Each spa is filled with approximately 200 gallons of filtered water, with 1,000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt dissolved into it. That concentration of salt alone would be an excellent sanitizer, but in addition to that, we use either a combination of a germicidal UV lamp, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide; or a small amount of bromine. Our highly efficient filtering is accomplished through a cartridge filter system which traps debris as small as 5 to 10 microns. The entire system runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the exception of your float time. In addition, the ultraviolet light destroys over 99.9% of the organic matter and pathogens found in pools and spas. Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer in nature and is considered the world's number one defense against modern resistant organisms while producing no by-products.

Additional factors affecting the sanitation of a float therapy room include:

The filtration of the water. The water is vigorously filtered 5 times after each use and throughout the evening while closed. Although the filtration is not continuous like it would be in a spa, this ensures a relaxing experience for you while still allowing for the best water filtration. 

The reduction of contaminants. Users can use a float therapy room without a swimsuit. This may represent the largest possible reduction of contaminants in the system. Most impurities enter a pool from swimsuits rather than the human body. Eliminating the swimsuit effectively reduces the amount of contaminants introduced into the tank from the moment people enter.

The float room’s design. The design limits the ability of organisms to survive. Additionally, the high level of salt ensures most pathological organisms cannot survive in this environment. The room is kept dark, making it difficult for any type of biological organism to grow. Often combined with the cleansing element of H202/hydrogen peroxide (or bromine), this provides a safe alternative to the chlorine frequently used at public pools and spas.

The buoyancy of the salt water. On average, only about 50% of the body enters the water. The fact that so little of the body is actually in the water further reduces the potential of contamination.

All of the above safeguards and standards ensure a high level of cleanliness in our float rooms that most public pools and spas cannot achieve. You can relax in our float rooms and know that every measure has been taken to ensure safety from inadvertent contamination. 

Member of:  Floatation Tank Association​​

It is our ultimate desire to create a curative environment. Everything our team does is meant to reVIVE the mind, body and soul. The gravity-free, sensory-free, stress-free space that has been created for you aids in your total wellness. If you would like to read about the benefits of Float therapy please click on 'Why Float...Float Therapy Benefits' from the above menu.

From the moment you step into our studio, you will see and smell the calm environment we believe is vital for your time of restoration. Followed by a warm introductory greeting from one of our team members you will be escorted into your private float suite or, if you arrived early, into The Quiet Center for a time of pre-float relaxation.  It is our desire to create a calm, clean and curative environment for you. Let us call out the calm in you.  Let us serve you.​​

​'Float Therapy has the potential to 'simultaneously' restore the body and revive the mind,​ leaving a person centered and connected.' 
Andi Sigler, Managing Director