These Olympians Swear Sensory Deprivation Helps Them Achieve Their Goals, Here's why—and how everyday athletes can make it work for them, too.  By K. Aleisha Fetters, Fitness Magazine

A Brief Overview of Float Therapy  by Andi Sigler, Managing Director of VIVE Float Studio

The Seven Theories of Floating  by Michael Hutchinson, author of The Book of Floating

Into the Void, Learning Mindfulness From Floating  by Brittany Holloway-Brown

Floatation Tanks, Three Powerful Healing Therapies in One!   UrReporter, CNN

Float Therapy. What Is It?   by Jasmine Bible, Summit Daily

Does Flotation Therapy Work? Coy Wire Tries It Out!  by Morning Express with Robin Meade

Hope Floats. The Strange New Science of Floating  by Mandy Oaklander, TIME

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The following links have been found to be insightful, educational and supportive of the many benefits of float therapy. Enjoy!

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